Providing services for the entire credit management lifecycle and beyond.

The Collection House Group provides services that span the entire credit management lifecycle and beyond.

Organisations can choose to engage us as a full receivables management strategic outsource partner – where we look after everything from the day an account becomes overdue right through to legal enforcement if required – or as a tactical outsource partner for certain services.

These end-to-end services include:

Our end-to-end services

Receivables management

Debt collection

Repayment arrangement management

Asset location, recovery and sale

Legal and insolvency services

Hardship management

Debt purchase

Credit management training

Finance brokerage

Business process outsourcing

Overflow (outbound and inbound)

Collection House has the capability and capacity to provide call overflow services to assist organisations during peak times and as a ready skilled resourcing solution. This service is currently provided to a large multi-country Australian bank where we supply daily overflow early collections calls from 1 day past due to 60 days past due and where the customers are still valued by the bank. The call focus is therefore on service and rehabilitation.

This service provides a number of benefits including:

  • Workflow and staff resource management for peak collections, seasonality and natural disasters
  • Business continuity planning and single point operational risk mitigation
  • Internal team performance benchmarking
  • Strategy efficiencies, reporting and insights
  • A partnership approach, specifically around service values
  • Enhanced data link capacity
  • Additional analytical insights from Collection House

Roll rate management

The Group is considered a leader in roll rate management services, which we have been providing for over thirteen years. This service focuses on account management outsourcing from as early as 1 day past due all the way through to charge-off. Accounts are managed through aged delinquency buckets to prevent them rolling through to charge-off - dedicated treatment paths and analytical modelling are crucial to success.

Clients can choose to either outsource their collection function fully; or outsource at a predefined delinquency age or event to complement their internal collections team (e.g. outsource at 60 days past due through to charge-off).

This service encompasses a number of benefits and functions including:

  • Reduced spend on client collection systems
  • Workflow and staff resource management for peak collections, seasonality and natural disasters
  • A partnership approach, specifically around service values
  • Strategy efficiencies, reporting and analytical insights
  • Hardship management
  • Asset location, recovery and sale

Scheduled secure data exchanges can be created for uploading on client systems to maintain a seamless customer view and full visibility of customer activity and progress.

Stand-by Receivables Management (Back-up Services)

Collection House provides Stand-by Receivables Management services across a number of industries including financial services, start-up financiers and office equipment servicers. The services can be either a risk mitigation strategy or part of a covenant from a wider finance facility with a lender.

We provide this services as a natural extension of our core collection business. The structure of the services are tailored to our clients’ requirements and can include:

  • A readily available workforce who can commence full collection operations at short notice (with detailed implementation plans covering all transition aspects for continuity of collection operations)
  • The use of experienced Collection House staff on an “as-needs basis” as a flexible resource support during peak times (either on host or Collection House systems)
  • A periodical health check and strategy consultation to maintain effective collection operations
  • Upon enactment, the use of the Group’s advanced proprietary customer management system that allows for the latest customer management workflows delivering leading collection results
  • Upon enactment, comprehensive performance reporting and forecasting of recoveries.

Late stage volume collections

One of Collection House’s core strengths is managing late stage volume collections where matters are referred at a predefined age or event. We provide these services across a number of industries and segments on either a fee-per-service or success fee basis.

Our customer management systems, customer location processes, and treatment path analytics have evolved to effectively and efficiently manage large volumes of accounts to realise the maximum available collection opportunities. Our success revolves around our ability to effectively determine the most appropriate collection treatment path and allocation of resources to produce a result in a timely manner.

This service dovetails in with our clients’ collection strategy and the escalation of customer demands.

High value case by case collections

Complementing our volume services is the dedicated case management of high value accounts and sensitive matters (e.g. deceased accounts) in recognition of the impact on the overall collection result achieved.

Our strategies in this segment have an increased focus on manual activity and scheduled follow up for escalation of collection demands. Our Account Representatives are skilled negotiators and work with customers to achieve an acceptable payment arrangement or assess the viability of legal recovery if a resolution cannot be achieved.

The dedicated account ownership of high value matters has proven to deliver superior results in this specialised segment.

Collection House provides a repayment arrangement service to allow clients to focus on their core business priorities. This service includes the management, follow up and performance reporting on accounts where the client has agreed to repayment terms yet does not have the facilities, systems and resources to perform the ongoing management.

Our systems, workflows and processes have been specifically designed to manage large volumes of scheduled repayment arrangements with both automated and manual activities performed to maintain adherence with the terms.

The benefits not only include workflow planning and the effective management of accounts under a repayment arrangement, but also a steady recoveries stream that can be accurately forecast for cash flow purposes.

Through a trusted panel of field agents, the Group provides management services to locate customers and outstanding assets under the terms of finance agreements or as part of a legal asset seizure. These services have been provided to clients for over 13 years and are conducted with compliance and ethical practices at the forefront.

Upon location and seizure of an asset, our workflows and processes ensure all statutory notices are sent and obligations are adhered to. With established links to auction yards and selling agents, Collection House has the reach to achieve the highest sale price in the shortest timeframe for our clients.

Our systems and workflows have been specifically developed to track the progress of matters and provide detailed performance reporting on relevant measures – for example, time to recover, costs to recover, time to sell, and asset sale achieved against valuation.

Collection House has a long history of leading the way in ethical debt collection, and we pride ourselves on our demonstrated track record of sensitive collection practices that greatly reduces the reputational risk of our clients. So much so that we manage the hardship identification, assessment and treatment programs to varying levels for a number of our major clients. This can be either a full outsource model, or an integrated workflow that dovetails into our client’s treatment programs and policies.

Key to our hardship identification, assessment and treatment practices is comprehensive training and system management workflows that allow us to work constructively with customers who may be experiencing hardship (can’t pay and want to pay). This ensures customers are treated fairly and reasonably with courtesy, empathy, consideration and respect.

Our hardship management strategies recognise that financial hardship is not a choice – it is rather the effects of a significant event beyond the customer’s control. Our hardship treatment paths are fully compliant and our conversations build goodwill with the customer, placing the outstanding account as a priority when their financial position improves.

Further demonstration of our leadership in this regard is the instrumental part Collection House played in gathering support and forming the National Hardship Register to assist consumers experiencing long term and severe financial hardship.

Pre- and post- legal recovery collections

The Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary CLH Lawyers provides legal services to the business. Through this vertically integrated approach, clients receive improved efficiencies and reduced collection costs.

CLH Lawyers provide specialised services in debt recovery litigation across banking and finance, insurance, Government, workers compensation, utilities as well as personal (bankruptcy) and corporate insolvency (winding up). CLH Lawyers also act for councils, water authorities, electrical utility providers, and commercial clients in line with their strong client focus.

It is recognised that legal recovery is an escalation of collection demands that only commences after all prior recovery attempts to negotiate repayment have been exhausted. Our holistic approach to the use of legal action in the recovery lifecycle covers both pre-charge off collections (including legal recovery and notice preparation) and post-charge off collections.

Our systems and workflows integrate seamlessly for a quick transition to our skilled teams of solicitors who take ownership once the process has commenced, while also continuing to negotiate a payment outcome.

Insolvency management

CLH Lawyers has been providing leading-edge insolvency management services for over 10 years to a diverse range of clients – including some of the largest corporations in Australia, as well as world renowned organisations - and understand the challenges faced in this regard.

We have forged strong relationships with major trustees and administrators, and have developed specialised insolvency management workflows for effective administration management and to ensure full permissible recoveries are achieved.

Services are aligned and tailored to our clients’ collection processes and the level of delegated authority that is assigned. Full administration outsource services are provided including insolvency status verification, proof of debt lodgement and voting on Part IX and X insolvency agreements.

Similar to our repayment arrangement management services, our specialised insolvency management service allows our clients to focus on their core business, and streamlines the administration requirement in the collection strategy.

Find out more about CLH Lawyers and MCC Lawyers

As one of the leading debt purchasers in the Australian market, our dedicated subsidiary Lion Finance Pty Ltd specialises in forward flow and one-off debt book purchases. The debt purchases range across all sectors including (but not limited to) the banking and finance sector (personal banking, motor finance, fixed loans and credit cards), telecommunications and the energy sector.

Lion Finance is renowned in the industry for its ethical collection practices and proactive engagement programs with customers and their advocates. Clients selling debts to Lion Finance benefit through continued brand protection associated to the original lender when a debt is sold.

As new debt sale markets emerge, Lion Finance is at the forefront to consult and assist clients to realise their collection objectives.

Through our Registered Training Organisation, Collective Learning and Development, we provide tailored staff development and training services to the debt collection industry or to collection staff within organisations. Courses include nationally accredited training, and mercantile (non-accredited) courses.

Training can be developed to cover the full range of customer interactions from initially building a rapport with a customer, through to difficult situations and making the most out of a contact.

Collective Learning and Development also offer a range of leadership and other financial services courses.

Find out more about Collective Learning and Development

Through our subsidiary ThinkMe Finance, the Group is able to provide customers with an alternative route to refinancing their debts in order to improve their financial situation.

ThinkMe Finance is a broker that acts as an intermediary to review a customers’ capability to refinance a debt and take them through the application and approval process.

The service enables customers to access finance that may not have been available to them through mainstream lenders. Through re-establishing a sound repayment history and demonstrating financial serviceability, through ThinkMe Finance we are able to assist customers achieve their goals as well as meeting their obligations. Ultimately, the aim is to see these customers financially rehabilitated with an improving credit rating and history.

Find out more about ThinkMe Finance

CLH Business Services was established in 2016 as a natural extension to the Group’s core business. This division provides a full service range of business services to clients in their name – such as answering customer queries, taking initial applications and/or front-end validation, and general customer service activities including early stage recoveries.

Our focus is helping clients achieve their business and customer goals - leveraging whole-of-business learnings across multiple industries and debt products to tailor the management of customer communications. This is vital in not only collecting outstanding amounts, but also in delivering high quality customer service.

A number of communication channels used in executing strategies include:

  • Mail correspondence (approved templates)
  • Telephone (including IVR)
  • SMS
  • Customer web portal
  • Email (approved templates)

Why Choose Collection House?

If you would like to find out how the Collection House Group can help your organisation, please get in contact with our sales team.

As you can see from our range of services above, we have the capability to help with all or part of your organisation’s credit management processes, and we work with organisations large and small across all industry sectors.

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If I want the Collection House Group to work for me, how much will it cost?
To ensure our pricing is competitive, our sales team needs to work with you to better understand what type of work you require, so customised pricing is provided on a personal, one-on-one basis. When looking at debt collection, receivables management or debt purchase, some important factors when it comes to pricing are:
  • Age of the accounts
  • Volume of accounts and
  • Average balance of the accounts.
How much will you buy my debtor ledger for?
There are many variables that we review when pricing a debt purchase. Please contact one of our sales team to get more information.
What kind of debts do you collect?
Our collection services are based on long-standing partnerships with leading brand clients in the Australasian financial services, insurance, public utility, credit and government enterprise markets. We also assist start-up enterprises and smaller organisations. All debts referred to Collection House Limited must be legitimate monies owed, supported with a contract and/or terms and conditions.
Why choose Collection House Limited?
Collection House Limited is Australia’s leading receivables management provider. With over 850 staff across Australia, NZ and the Philippines, we provide solutions that span the entire credit lifecycle and can offer you an end-to-end service. We are driven by an unwavering commitment to business conduct that is ethical, lawful and respectful of our community and the environment. The success of our company is underpinned by the quality, dedication and resolve of our people and their drive to achieve value and outstanding results for our clients. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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We may be able to assist you depending on your individual circumstances by:

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