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Improving outcomes and experiences for financial counsellors

We believe that we share a common goal with financial counsellors, namely working co-operatively with our mutual customers and assisting them in resolving their outstanding debts. Our view is that by focusing on this common goal, not only can we only improve outcomes for our customers but also improve efficiency and experience for everyone involved.

We offer a dedicated line of communication for financial counsellors acting on behalf of customers who are experiencing hardship or vulnerability. This communication line is facilitated by our specially trained Customer Assist Team. The customer’s authorised representative can contact the Customer Assist Team directly to discuss their concerns, any sensitive or complex matters, or just to have a general discussion regarding our policy and procedure in relation to hardship, complaints and disputes.

Collection House at the National Financial Counselling Australia Conference 2021 – Darwin

To get in touch with our Customer Assist Team call 1800 051 753.

Note – in some circumstances, depending on the type of account, our Customer Assist Team may need to transfer your call to another area to assist further.

Actively seeking opportunities

Collection House has proudly sponsored and attended financial counselling events and conferences across Australia for many years. We actively seek opportunities to become involved in the community sector through training programs, agency meetings, seminars and conferences. We use these opportunities to seek feedback, build relationships and better understand some of the challenges being faced by our customers and how we can respond.

If there is an initiative that your agency is working on that we could help with or participate in, we would love to hear from you.

Financial Counselling Conferences

Collection House sponsors and attends the following financial counselling conferences.

If you’re a financial counsellor attending a conference this year, drop by our stall to learn more about us and how we can work collaboratively with you to achieve the best results for our mutual customers (clients).

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • National Event

Ways to contact us

Customer Assist Team

Call 1800 051 753
Email [email protected]
Or use the details on correspondence sent to our customer


Raise a concern, provide feedback or make a complaint. See more about our process here.

Support your clients and save time

Financial counsellors can register for our industry leading portal to resolve their clients Lion Finance accounts without having to pick up the phone!

Financial counsellor’s portal features:

  • Approve a moratorium for up to 6 months without documents
  • Apply for a debt waiver
  • Download statements
  • Setup a payment arrangement
  • Apply for a reduced settlement / settle for less
  • Make a one-time payment
  • Make a dispute or complaint
  • Check the account balance

National hardship register & Agency support initiatives

Collection House is proud to be a founding member of the National Hardship Register, a joint initiative between the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association and the community sector to address the serious issue of long-term and severe financial hardship.

Collection House has also participated in a number of other initiatives such as the National Bulk Debt project and Clean Slate project amongst other, smaller local area initiatives.

If there is an initiative that your agency is working on that we could help with, we would love to hear from you.


Collection House is committed to providing a quality service to our customers and their representatives, including financial counsellors. We value your feedback, compliments and complaints. We use this information as an opportunity to improve our services.

You can provide us feedback by using one of the following methods:

Customer Assist Team

Call 1800 051 753
Email [email protected]
Or use the details on correspondence sent to our customer.

Complaints and Disputes

Please contact our Resolutions Team to make a complaint.

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