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Hardship management

Collection House has a long history of leading the way in ethical debt collection, and we pride ourselves on our demonstrated track record of sensitive collection practices that greatly reduces the reputational risk of our clients. So much so that we manage the hardship identification, assessment and treatment programs to varying levels for a number of our major clients. This can be either a full outsource model, or an integrated workflow that dovetails into our client’s treatment programs and policies.

Key to our hardship identification, assessment and treatment practices is comprehensive training and system management workflows that allow us to work constructively with customers who may be experiencing hardship (can’t pay and want to pay). This ensures customers are treated fairly and reasonably with courtesy, empathy, consideration and respect.

Our hardship management strategies recognise that financial hardship is not a choice – it is rather the effects of a significant event beyond the customer’s control. Our hardship treatment paths are fully compliant and our conversations build goodwill with the customer, placing the outstanding account as a priority when their financial position improves.

Further demonstration of our leadership in this regard is the instrumental part Collection House played in gathering support and forming the National Hardship Register to assist consumers experiencing long term and severe financial hardship.

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