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Receivable’s and arrangement bank management

Overflow (outbound and inbound)

Collection House has the capability and capacity to provide call overflow services to assist organisations during peak times and as a ready skilled resourcing solution. This service is currently provided to a large multi-country Australian bank where we supply daily overflow early collections calls from 1 day past due to 60 days past due and where the customers are still valued by the bank. The call focus is therefore on service and rehabilitation.

This service provides a number of benefits including:

  • Workflow and staff resource management for peak collections, seasonality and natural disasters
  • Business continuity planning and single point operational risk mitigation
  • Internal team performance benchmarking
  • Strategy efficiencies, reporting and insights
  • A partnership approach, specifically around service values
  • Enhanced data link capacity
  • Additional analytical insights from Collection House

Roll rate management

The Group is considered a leader in roll rate management services, which we have been providing for over thirteen years. This service focuses on account management outsourcing from as early as 1 day past due all the way through to charge-off. Accounts are managed through aged delinquency buckets to prevent them rolling through to charge-off – dedicated treatment paths and analytical modelling are crucial to success.

Clients can choose to either outsource their collection function fully; or outsource at a predefined delinquency age or event to complement their internal collections team (e.g. outsource at 60 days past due through to charge-off).

This service encompasses a number of benefits and functions including:

  • Reduced spend on client collection systems
  • Workflow and staff resource management for peak collections, seasonality and natural disasters
  • A partnership approach, specifically around service values
  • Strategy efficiencies, reporting and analytical insights
  • Hardship management
  • Asset location, recovery and sale

Scheduled secure data exchanges can be created for uploading on client systems to maintain a seamless customer view and full visibility of customer activity and progress.

Stand-by Receivables Management (Back-up Services)

Collection House provides Stand-by Receivables Management services across a number of industries including financial services, start-up financiers and office equipment servicers. The services can be either a risk mitigation strategy or part of a covenant from a wider finance facility with a lender.

We provide this service as a natural extension of our core collection business. The structure of the services are tailored to our clients’ requirements and can include:

  • A readily available workforce who can commence full collection operations at short notice (with detailed implementation plans covering all transition aspects for continuity of collection operations)
  • The use of experienced Collection House staff on an “as-needs basis” as a flexible resource support during peak times (either on host or Collection House systems)
  • A periodical health check and strategy consultation to maintain effective collection operations
  • Upon enactment, the use of the Group’s advanced proprietary customer management system that allows for the latest customer management workflows delivering leading collection results
  • Upon enactment, comprehensive performance reporting and forecasting of recoveries.

Collection House provides a repayment arrangement service to allow clients to focus on their core business priorities. This service includes the management, follow up and performance reporting on accounts where the client has agreed to repayment terms yet does not have the facilities, systems and resources to perform the ongoing management.

Our systems, workflows and processes have been specifically designed to manage large volumes of scheduled repayment arrangements with both automated and manual activities performed to maintain adherence with the terms.

The benefits not only include workflow planning and the effective management of accounts under a repayment arrangement, but also a steady recoveries stream that can be accurately forecast for cash flow purposes.

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