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Supporting our communities through giving back

For almost 30 years, Collection House employees have supported our local communities through volunteering their time and skills to provide help where it is needed most.

Volunteering our time and skills not only provides valuable support to community organisations, but also serves as a rich opportunity for collaborative learning and connection. With a workforce of over 750 people across three countries, together we can make a big impact when it comes to giving back.

Our focus areas

Collection House aims to provide volunteering and in-kind support for community organisations who contribute to the following areas, that are aligned to our purpose:

  • Financial wellbeing and inclusion
  • Domestic and financial abuse
  • Crisis support
  • Indigenous support
  • Financial counselling
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Financial literacy
  • Food and emergency relief
  • Natural disaster responses

Volunteering in the community

Collectively or as individuals, Collection House employees roll up their sleeves to support community organisations carry out their important work, especially in times of peak demand.

We are proud to offer all employees at least one day of paid volunteer leave per year to make a positive and meaningful difference in their local communities.

We have helped community organisations with a range of activities through our corporate volunteering program, including:

  • Project management support for community groups;
  • Delivery of learning and development programs to community groups supporting vulnerable adolescents;
  • Sorting of donations and deliveries for crisis support services;
  • Provision of our office space and training facilities for delivery of programs to support job-seekers and refugees;
  • Participation in university mentorship programs delivered by community groups;
  • And so much more… Where there’s a need, we want to help.

“We commend Collection House
for being community-minded in
their ongoing support of Vinnies
Queensland. From clothing collection
drives, offering training facilities
for learning and strategy planning,
and actively participating in the
CEO Sleepout to raise funds for
homelessness services, our work
with Collection House has assisted
us in providing community support
where it is needed most.”

Kevin Mercer, CEO
St Vincent de Paul Queensland

Express interest in volunteering support

Collection House encourages and supports our people in having an impact for the causes they care about and actively promote their involvement in the community, to better the experience of others. We actively look for NFP organisations that are having a meaningful impact in our community to find ways of supporting them and their work.

We always welcome new volunteering opportunities. If your community organisation has a need for help that you think would suit a Collection House team or employee please register your interest below. 

Before submitting a request for volunteers, there are some things you should think about:

  • Collection House cannot guarantee the availability of employee volunteers for your activity on your preferred date or time. We will work with you to understand needs and then ask our employees to express interest.
  • Causes, activities or organisations that are not aligned to our values, purpose, intent, risk appetite or that are illegal and/or involve profit making will not be considered.
  • Organisations seeking volunteers must be a registered charity and have the appropriate insurances, including public liability and volunteer cover to be considered.
  • Our employees are not permitted to undertake activities that have a high likelihood to put their health or personal safety at risk.
  • Any actual or perceived conflicts of interests between the organisation seeking volunteer support and Collection House or its employees must be disclosed at time of application.

Please complete this form to register your interest and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss further.

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