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Collection House Limited is Australia's leading receivables manager, providing solutions that span the entire credit lifecycle, from receivables outsourcing to debt collection and debt purchase. 

A public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Collection House has eleven offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. 

Our customers and clients benefit from our full services receivables management solutions, including:

• Purchased debt
• Collection services
• Receivables management
• Hardship Services
• Legal and insolvency services
• Credit management training and
• Credit consulting, advice and assessment.

We enjoy strong business relationships with major Australian and international banks, financial institutions, insurance houses, large corporations, public utilities and governments. 

Our ongoing success is a result of our commitment to leading the way in ethical debt recovery, our disciplined approach to business and strategy and our focus on creating value. The quality, dedication and resolve of our people and their drive to achieve value and outstanding results for our clients underpin this success.  

We use technology to drive performance and maintain our position as an industry leader. We have created innovative proprietary systems that deliver improved functionality and significant intellectual property and we remain committed to continuously identifying further efficiency and productivity improvements.

Our vision is to be the first choice for customers and clients seeking quality financial solutions. 

We aim to:
  • Maintain strong relationships with key organisations in selected market segments.
  • Be proven by our clients as the agency of choice in terms of delivering value and outstanding results.
  • Be regarded by regulators and consumer representatives as leading the way in ethical practice.
  • Be viewed by our staff as a first class working environment built on values of accountability, respect, clear communication, teamwork, professionalism and innovation.
  • Achieve superior risk adjusted shareholder returns. 
We achieve these objectives through effective and innovative receivables management solutions, advanced technology and systems and superior execution of our collection and related services in an efficient and cost effective manner that meets our business partners’ requirements and expectations. 

Collection House is driven by an unwavering commitment to business conduct that is ethical, lawful and respectful of our community and the environment. 

This commitment is embedded in our values, our aspirational goals, the professionalism of our staff and our business practices. 

Our approach to corporate social responsibility consists of four key components:

• Respect for the law
• Supporting our communities
• Engaging our stakeholders and 
• Protecting the environment. 

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